20 Tips For Parents From International Preschool Teachers

When you send your kids into an international private preschool Singapore it is the teacher who takes responsibility and becomes their caregiver. These teachers have to take care of many children at the same time so they are the best people to ask for advice when it comes to getting the best for your child. you may notice that there are times when your child acts differently with you while they have a different personality in front of their teacher or other people. This does not mean that your child has a split personality it just means that they feel like they can take more chances with you as you give them more leeway as compared to their teachers and other people. Here are a few tips from teachers who have almost 90 years of combined experience when it comes to dealing with preschoolers.

To Promote Independence

1. Expect more from your child, when you raise the bar it is more likely than not that the child will stretch to meet the expectations that you have of them.

2. It can be very easy to help your child do everything or just plainly do it for them but you as a parent have to be able to resist the urge to help them when it comes to some of the things that they can do for themselves.

3. Another important tip is to avoid redoing something that they have done just because it does not meet your approval. This may cause the child to get discouraged and not even try to do anything else in the future.

4. In the course of their life, your child is going to face many problems and it is very important that they develop problem-solving skills right from a young age. This means that you should give them the space they need to solve the simpler problems that come up from time to time.

5. Put them in charge of a task, it can be a simple chore that they are responsible for this will help them build confidence and also get a sense of completion when it is done right.

Getting Your Child to Cooperate

6. Look for things that your child has done good and praise it, this will cause them to repeat the same thing as children tend to repeat behavior that gets attention.

7. The reason why your child is cooperative in school is that they have a routine set for them by the teachers, if you do the same at home there are better chances of your child cooperating with you.

8. Try to lighten up the mood in the house and turn something that the child does not want to do into a fun game.

9. Allow your child to have enough of a transition period before you want them to switch a task. This can help them to finish what they were doing before they have to do something new.

10. How many times has your child come home with a sticker that they got for doing something good, try the same approach at home and you will be surprised by the results.

11. Give your child a structured choice, if you want them to do something. Just make sure that the other option is not attractive.

12. Avoid using the word if in your requests use when instead.

13. Give your child enough time to play imaginative games.

14. Set music to certain tasks that are not very attractive this will make the kids want to do it more.

15. It is important to encourage your child to work as a team.

16. Leave them alone and let them solve small squabbles by themselves

How to Effectively Disciple Your Child

17. Redirect their attention from the bad behavior to something else.

18. Avoid goodbye meltdowns.

19. Allow your child to right the wrong that they have done at an .

20. Never put off disciplining them do it as soon as you see the bad behavior.

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