Impact of Speech on the Emotional and Social Development of Your Kid

Social awkwardness occurs in both kids and adults alike. You can also find this impairment of sorts because of emotional upsets. Most adults get past the stage, while kids need help, especially in the early years. Children, form a certain understanding of the world around them and while some do utter certain sounds and noises many kids find it quite difficult in the realm of communicating, period. To capitalize on observations in their space, but not being able to annunciate it may require a dose of educational therapy for children by a reliable expert.

Academic Growth
Children who have speech defects like stuttering and a form of an isolated pattern of speech may withdraw into themselves and stop verbal communication completely. Frustration at not being able to explain the thought and emotion into words can result in absolutely no advancement in the child. As a form of linguistic expression of sorts, the child may fight shy of developing socially because of an emotional upset. It can also deter academic growth primarily because while writing and learning may be in the mind reading and recitation is verbal. When a child notices that, her or his speech patterns differ from the rest of the peers a tendency to withdraw because of limited articulation becomes the norm.

A good therapist will be able to ascertain the problem at the outset and get down to the root cause of the problem. It could be because of something simple, which is shyness, but over time if there is an underlying cause, the solution lies in a cure. Rejection from an authoritative figure like the parents, family circle, teachers in play school, babysitter, can cause the child to break into emotional outbursts more often that necessarily. Teasing by peers can also result in the child withdrawing emotionally and socially because s/he has been rejected by a certain section. Due to this, growth stutters because factors like emotional and social facets were not featured into the development of the child.

No Comparisons
Speaking is the natural order of expression and communication. If there is some struggle in the natural order, comparison with other children can cause an emotional rollercoaster in the child. When parents or elders place an emphasis because another younger child beat the child, invariably the little one will withdraw and keep quiet. There is a wide range between one child to the next. Concern on the other hand because the child has not said anything may help you piece together the reasons as to why the little one has kept mum when there is a possibility to speak all along.

A Little Nudge
Seeking the expertise from a therapist can definitely help the child from breaking out of social and emotional awkwardness. That being said, however, it is in the child’s best interests where the parent and child work together with a speech-language therapist so that the little one does not feel tense at the start of her or his journey of life. Once a child is able to get past the mental pressures that may be on the mind, s/he will be able to achieve the full potential of emotional and social skills. Speaking up is not always easy. With a little help and nudge without too much of expectation will get the child to speak. In fact, a child that may have initial defects in speech may achieve laurels in the later years just because of a little help from a friendly expert. All it takes is some handholding and not holding your child to ransom just because s/he does not measure up to the others.