The importance of preschool

As much as preschool education for children is important , usually many parents worry about having to send such little kids away to a school for a large part of the day. Some might even think it isnt necessary yet. However, preschool plays a vital role in the academic as well as mental growth of children. There is a reason why there are so many kindergartens in Singapore. Here are some reasons why preschool education is important for your child.

1. The key is to take the first step

Certain people have a mindset that preschool is an area for kids to play and have fun. It is true to some extent but these preschools also have a degree of structure and rules. This is your childs first experience in such an environment with regulations. This is where the child is prepared for future experiences like the kindergartens Singapore has. An interaction with a teacher would be something completely new. It will be the first step to following instructions and working with other class member as a team. Qualities of obeying start from here.

2. Preparation for kindergartens in Singapore

Kindergarten in Singapore are more about studies than preschool. If your toddler has been prepared to sit inside a room with other children, follow instructions and stay away from home for a certain period of time, it will get much easier for them to focus on learning new concepts in kindergarten. Put it this way; your child has never been away from home without you and then one day you send them to a kindergarten in Singapore. Will the child be able to focus on what is being taught or will the child spend more time trying to settle in the environment? Preschool is the time when all the focus is on making the child comfortable around school, and not so much on teaching unlike kindergartens in Singapore.

3. Decision making

Preschool is pretty much the first time when the kids are left kind of by themselves. There are no parents or siblings for help. The toddlers have to step up for themselves. Preschools offer many different activities. Your child will decide what they prefer. They will also decide which kids they want to socialize with. Although these are little things but these are the beginning steps of a child’s independent decisions.

4. Social interactions

How many cousins and siblings does an average toddler have? Definitely not as many as the number of children in a preschool class. This place is where your kid makes their first few friends out of family and relatives. They are all the same age with the same mindsets and needs. A toddler’s real social interaction is inside a preschool. This is where they decide who they like and who they want to befriend. Feelings of care for someone outside family start to develop. Trust, friendship and teamwork are all the traits that are first experienced in a preschool.

5. Self-care and taking the first step to sef-independence

Parents are the first ones to intervene when their child is in any troublesome situation. However, parents are not present around preschools. Therefore, the kids have to learn to take care of themselves. Yes, the teachers are there for supervision but it is very different than a parent since the attention is divided. This is not something to worry about because this environment promotes toddlers to learn to take care of themselves. They themselves have to decide which activity seems more interesting to them. They learn to figure out their needs and in the end, they learn to demand help for their needs, if needed.