What we Need to Know about Private Schools in Singapore

Private schools have really been a choice by parents and students when it comes to education. Aside from having better equipment, there are a lot more advantages it can offer. Singapore is one country that has many schools to choose from and luckily, there are a lot of private schools too. However, it is still better to enroll our children to the best or the top private schools to ensure that your child receives a quality education that is also worth the money you are paying for. GESS is a great international school that provides excellent facilities and infrastructure as well as quality curriculum for its students. Parents who are still undecided can check them out at http://www.gess.sg/en 

Focus Singapore will help us by giving some names of the top 10 private schools in Singapore.

Top 10 Private Schools of Singapore

With 20% of the national budget dedicated to education, this island nation-Singapore has developed a well resourced schooling system. The national institute of education trains all teachers who teach there to ensure that highest quality of education is imparted. Private institutions have the sort of campuses that could give the architects of Harvard’s a run for their money. They are major contributors towards changing the face of education in Asia from primary level itself. Read more here.

The country’s focus on providing quality education for all its people has greatly benefited families in Singapore. They now have a list of top private schools in Singapore to choose from. However, we should not just look into the names of the school. Instead, we should also consider the campus facilities that we could make use of. Some students just go to school for their classes unaware of all the other things around them. We are going to pay for it and it would be a waste if we don’t get to use these facilities.

Next, in an article by Digital Senior, we would get to have a look into the campus facilities of the top schools in Singapore.

A Handy Guide to the Campus Facilities of the top private schools in Singapore

Gone are the days when NUS, NTU and SMU were the only local universities of choice for Singaporeans. Private education institutions (PEIs) like PSB Academy and SIM are increasingly gaining in reputation and if you’re graduating from GCE N, O levels, NITEC, poly or simply awaiting your ‘A’ level results (cue nervous sweating), there’s definitely no harm in checking out your less-conventional choices.

Digital Senior has already created a comprehensive guide to choosing a private school (that offers external degrees from foreign university partners – in short we will use label “private university”), but because choosing the right institution is so important, we’ve put together for you an in-depth guide to the different campus environments offered by five private institutions in Singapore: PSB Academy, SIM GE, Kaplan, MDIS, and EASB. Campus environments and facilities are often overlooked by students when choosing their university programmes, but they can be crucial in determining what kind of learning environment you get – just think about how much more engaging learning might be in a classroom with interactive projectors and writing walls, for example. From travelling time to making use of state-of-the-art equipment, a great campus can enhance diverse aspects of your university life. So if you’re looking into what sort of campus would best fit your interests, here’s some handy info to get you started. Read more here.

That was exciting! If we really just explore and know more about our school, we would be aware that there are facilities for extra activities that our child could join or learn.  It would be nice for our children to join these extra activities because it could enhance their skills and talents. Private schools must really maintain this because it is expected that they have a high standard of education.

In an article by Calvin Yang, an update about the requirement for private schools to meet higher standards is discussed.

Private Schools to Meet Higher Standards

Private schools here will now have to meet higher standards that require them to track – and improve – student outcomes, including the academic performance, progression and employability of their graduates. The Committee for Private Education yesterday released its enhanced EduTrust certification standards, part of a major shake-up of the private education sector to protect students and make information more transparent. The revised standards will take effect for all private education institutions (PEIs) applying for or renewing their EduTrust certification from June 1. EduTrust is a quality assurance scheme recognising PEIs that achieve high standards in key areas of management and the provision of educational services. Currently, the scheme assesses PEIs against six criteria, such as corporate governance and administration, and student protection and support services. Read more here.

Private schools are really expected to have high standards regarding their equipments, facilities, and the quality of education. That is why if we are planning to send our children to a private school, let us make sure that they meet the standards worth paying for. There are a lot of good private schools out there but each one has its own edge amongst the others, so choose what is suitable for the needs and wants of you children. Let them enjoy the facilities of the school because you paid for it and your children will benefit from it as well.


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