Here are those crucial questions you want to ask a speech therapist

It is a common belief that speech and educational therapy for children is only meant for kids who have a problem with their speech and understanding of the languages. Parents need to be aware of the fact that this notion is completely untrue and the idea needs to change. Every child needs to visit a speech and language therapists who works on strength and weaknesses of a child’s language and speech skills and makes them better communicators. This is especially required in today’ scenario wherein, it is very important how you talk and express your self to other people. Let us take you through the essential question you need to ask a language and speech therapist.

1. Why does my child need therapy, even after being able to speak and communicate properly?
Language and speech therapy is not just for children who have problems but this therapy is meant for all the kids who want to communicate better in future. There are numerous other skills related to communication, other than talking and these areas also need to be developed in order to help your child communicate better. These associated skills are learning to listen while communicating with other. Listening also involves paying close attention to people while they are talking to them. Other related skills involve visualization and comprehension, following instructions and express when not being able to follow a particular instruction. In order to develop all these skills the language and speech therapist works with the child to help them achieve better through communication. Hence parents need to understand in the very beginning that speech and language therapy is meant for all and is very essential to know, understand and assimilate better and have an edge over the others in terms of communication.

2. Why is the therapist busy playing with my child and when will he get to work?
Many a times, when we go in for a session with a therapist we notice that he spends a lot of time in play, at least it looks like he is playing to us. What might look like play to us might be a very carefully crafted and thought out technique that the therapist is using to get to the child. Play is also a great way to know and learn and therapy should be all about knowing more and learning through play. It is not always necessary that you need to get to work to learn. In fact children learn the most through play. Therapists use this technique to familiarize with the child and also teach then new things through play. Through play the therapist is trying to catch a glimpse of your child when he is uninhibited. This is far better than when a child is conscious of being judged by a therapist and goes into a shell. When the child goes into a shell it is very difficult to help him get out of it, hence doctors use play as a method and technique.

3. Ask questions that you feel will enrich your experience and will be helpful to your child.
Parenting is not an easy task and while we are at the therapist there might be several questions that you might feel that you need to ask but shy away from asking. You might restrain yourself for sounding silly or any other reason, but you need to understand that you are a novice and you need to be able to understand what is going on in order to help your child make the most of this experience.

AuthorYvonne Hernandez

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