What to Expect from an Enrichment Class for Toddlers

When one sees how many Singaporean parents enrol their toddlers in enrichment classes, the first thought is likely to be the kiasu culture. Parents in Singapore indeed tend to be quite competitive when it comes to their children’s cognitive development and talents.

However, toddler enrichment classes are much more than an avenue for parents to give their toddlers a competitive edge. 

Did you know that the brain grows fastest from birth to when a child turns five years old? Most of the enrichment class for toddlers Singapore caters to children between 18 months and 36 months. 

You don’t need to be present in the enrichment classes.

If this your first time enrolling your child in an enrichment class for toddlers Singapore, you may be wondering if you need to be present during classes. Well, it depends on the enrichment class you choose.

Some toddler classes have enough staff to take care of the toddlers in the hours they are at the centre. As you know, toddlers can be a handful and require individual attention. 

Unfortunately, since this is the first time toddlers are separated from people they have known since birth, they are likely to experience separation anxiety. Find out how your toddler is coping in the first few days. If he spends his days crying, you may need to consider an enrichment class for toddlers Singapore that requires parents to be present. 

Toddler enrichment classes more than playgroups

Enrichment toddler classes are more than playgroups. These classes introduce skills that will be helpful when the toddlers finally go to preschool in preparation for formal education. The games are selected to help toddlers build their socialization skills. 

Toddlers learn how to share and listen to one another and their caregivers in a school-like setting. They also enjoy singing, listening to music, dance, craft, and storytelling. 

Some enrichment classes for toddlers Singapore choose activities, such as swimming, learning new languages, dance classes, and playing musical instruments to test the toddlers’ learning capabilities. 

Before enrolling your toddler in an enrichment class, determine what learning and play options the classes offer. Ensure you don’t overstretch your child with learning too many things since they are likely to resent the classes. 

Enrichment classes get your toddler out of his comfort zone.

If you are worried about your toddler’s reaction to spending a few hours away from home, you are not alone. However, getting your toddler to a different environment will help him become independent faster. If you can get your toddler to enjoy an enrichment class, you will have an easier time sending him off to preschool when the time comes. 

Enrichment classes should not stress a toddler.

When sending your child to an enrichment class for toddlers Singapore, what are your expectations? These enrichment classes are designed to help boost a toddler’s growth. However, if the child is introduced to complex learning when he is not ready, he will likely start showing signs of stress. 

Instead of putting pressure on your toddler to perform well, it is best to encourage activities that your toddler will enjoy. Your child still has a lot of time ahead to learn and grow. So, take the pressure of measured achievements and just let him be a child. 

Since the pandemic, most of the enrichment classes for toddlers Singapore have had to cut down on the number of toddlers attending the sessions. The class sizes were cut even further for facilities that require parents to attend classes with their toddlers. Before enrolling your toddler in enrichment classes, find out the measures put in place to keep the toddlers safe. 

AuthorYvonne Hernandez

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